Small Success Thursday – Blogging, Swimming, & Lent!


My first “Small Success Thursday” post!  Yay!!  So here they are:

1) After some arm twisting encouragement from a friend, I’ve started this blog!  My words still aren’t sure yet, but I pray it’s fruitful nonetheless!

2) I received my first ashes yesterday!  (when you’re new receiving ashes, it IS a small success to go to Mass not knowing what to expect!) Did you #ashtag?

3) In all of my prayer time I have yet to hear confirmation on what I am to give up for Lent.  The  perfectionist in me may or may not have started to panic a little on Tuesday night, but I realized it’s ok – maybe Holy Spirit will reveal to me a little later what I should sacrifice, maybe I’m supposed to fast from something new each day, and maybe just the formation that occurs during Lent when you’re coming into the Church is what I’m to focus on instead.  I’ll just keep hanging out, and not fret, until I hear otherwise 🙂  I am adding a practice during Lent though – praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3pm (the hour of divine mercy) daily.


Check out others’ small successes at!


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