Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “E”!

We’ve made it to the letter “E”!  Let’s see what the Saints have in store for us today:


St Ebba was a brave soul, who brought destruction by her own hand even!  She was governing a great monastery when it was invaded by a couple of cruel Danish pirates.  She was nervous – not for her safety but for her chastity.  She assembled her nuns, and after saying a few words, she took a razor and cut off her nose and upper lip.  Her entire holy community followed her courageous example.  The act saved their virginity, but, enraged, the pirates set fire to the monastery and all of them died in the blaze, holy virgins, spotless victims to their heavenly spouse.

St Eustochium is pictured here with her mother, St Paula, and St Jerome. The 3 of them went to Bethlehem where St Eustochium aided St Jerome is his translation of the Bible.  He also founded 3 convents while there, and St Eustochium became abbess of all 3.



You can read more on Saints whose names begin with the letter “E” HERE 


Enjoy the Sabbath tomorrow – we’ll take a blogging break and see you on Monday for the letter F!

(I feel like I’m in an episode of Catholic Sesame Street, lol)




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