Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “F”

We’re Finally to the letter F!  Ok, that was very un-creative…….sorry 😉 Check out these awesome ladies!

St Felicity with St Perpetua

St Felicity was the slave of St Perpetua, who evangelized Felicity and 3 men to become Christians.  They were arrested for their beliefs, and lived in torment in prison.  Felicity was 8 months pregnant and fretted about her baby – Felicity had been set to be executed.  Interestingly enough, in those times, it was against the law to execute a pregnant woman, to kill a child in the womb was shedding innocent and sacred blood. What a concept right? *sigh*  Felicity gave birth to a baby girl 2 days before her execution date and she was adopted and raised by a Christian woman.  St Felicity and St Paula were killed to start “the games”, first facing a rabid heifer, then their throats were cut.

St Flora

St Flora was secretly raised as a Christian by her mother (her father had been Muslim).  Her brother had accepted the Muslim religion, and tortured and battered Flora for her Christian beliefs.  St Flora met St Mary, the sister of a martyred deacon.  They surrendered to the Muslims and were placed in a brothel.  They were both beheaded when they continued to claim the Christian faith.


You can read more on Saints whose names begin with the letter “F” HERE 

Do please go read about St Faustina if you’re not familiar with her – I love her dearly!  Her diary is very inspiring!!!


See y’all Tuesday for a few “G” Saints 🙂


8 thoughts on “Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “F”

  1. Oh how much they had to suffer for their beliefs? Why are people so intolerant in the name of religion? It is something I will never understand. I discovered your blog late, but gosh! Am I happy I did? Awesome post 🙂

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  2. The whole story about St. Felicity and St. Perpetua has always fascinated me. I am not sure I could be so brave, especially with my tiny newborn involved. Their faith is a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for the post!

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  3. On my, horrible story for St. Flora. I don’t know that I wouldn’t crumble if I was truly persecuted for my faith. I love Jesus with all this is within me…but my flesh is so weak.


    • His power is made perfect in our weakness. 🙂 thanks for being raw and honest – I suspect He would give us a bolus of strength and peace should we face such a time.


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