Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “H”

I’m honored that you’ve returned to see what Saints I have for you today!


St Helen of Skovde is first up today.  She was born of a noble family, married well, but after her husband’s death, she gave away all of their possessions to the poor and made a pilgrimage to Rome.  When she returned home, she discovered that she was being accused of being involved in the death of her son-in-law.  About a year after her execution, it was discovered that she was innocent, and that he had actually been killed by some servants that he had mistreated (apparently they didn’t believe in “innocent until proven guilty” – yikes!).  Many miracles are said to have happened at her tomb.


St Hyacinth

St Hyacinth was quite the rebel in her day.  She was placed in monastic life because of her troublesome nature.  She was so scandalous that she was forced to become religious, but even there she rebelled for 24 years before finally becoming a model tertiary.  Silly girl!


You can read more on Saints whose names begin with the letter “H” HERE 


Come back Thursday to see what “I” Saints we have to learn from!




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