Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “J”

A jolly good time to share with you some “J” Saints 🙂


St Jane Frances de Chantal, after overcoming some tremendous debt upon marrying her husband, served the poor by offering them soup and bread when they came to her door.  Sometimes the poor would pretend to leave and simply go to the end of the line to get more.  When others questioned why she didn’t turn them away, she replied, “What if God turned me away when I came back to him again and again with the same request?”  BOOM!  St Jane has a tremendous story of forgiveness and more – I do hope you’ll read more about her HERE.


St Jeanne Jugan, as most Saints, had a servants heart.  She served God in many ways – teaching catechism to the children of the town, serving the poor, and assisting at a hospital.  Most remarkable to me, though, was giving up her own bed to help a poor elderly woman.  Several women in the house that she lived did so also, and at the age of 87, 2,400 people were involved in their community, which had spread across Europe and across the ocean!


You can read more on Saints whose names begin with the letter “J” HERE 


Join me Saturday for a taste of “K” Saints 🙂




5 thoughts on “Blogging the Saints, A to Z, letter “J”

  1. I love that your posting about lesser known saints. I think this is a great way to catechize – and so bite size. Who doesn’t love an appetizer? I wonder what your next project will be? HMMMMM?!??!


  2. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I’ll admit that I know nothing about saints.

    BTW, I am completely enthralled by the little hook and worm off to the left here. I keep scrolling up and down just to watch it move.


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