20 Things That Make Me Happy!!!

Yesterday I was tagged by my girl Cristina @ Filling My Prayer Closet to share 20 things that make me HAPPY! 🙂  In true Monday fashion, yesterday didn’t go as planned, so it’s happening today!  In no particular order:

1) My babies’ laughter.  Y’all know, there’s just nothing like it.  Check out this video my girls made not long ago, one singing/videoing, the other lip syncing, and tell me you don’t laugh!


2) Kansas sunsets.  Seriously guys, nothing beats them.  After the chaos that ensued yesterday I noticed that a beauty was brewing, so I hopped in the van – by myself – drove a few miles out into the country and just marveled in the beauty that He lays before us.


3) A clean kitchen.  Not that I allow myself that luxury much, but gosh it makes my heart sing when the dishes are done, the sink is shining, the counters are cleared and clean, the floor is as clean as a floor can with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband………..it actually makes me want to be in there and cook!  Hmmmmm, maybe I should do that more often 😉

4) Our small group.  We have a group of mature charistmatic Catholics that we fellowship with each week and I am so thankful for them!  We just finished up a 16 week study on the Holy Spirit, led by a lay missionary.  Even our kiddos look forward to gathering (and they’re the only kids! lol).

5) This little town of Goodland.  Sometimes small towns can be annoying – extremely limited shopping, everyone knows your business, etc – but raising our kids in the same town we were raised in makes me happy.  We’ve gotten calls in the morning of “did you know your son was walking to school without his backpack?” and “your dogs wandered to our house, the kids are playing with them until you get here” and “just wanted to let you know that your dome light was still on”.  It’s like one big family!  I don’t worry when my (then) 6 year old has taken a detour on her way to the bathroom at the county fair – not only does most of the town know her, who she belongs to, and where she should/shouldn’t be, but I can go up to the sheriff (who’s in the above mentioned small group), tell him I can’t find her, and he’ll put it out on their radio and they all know who they’re looking for too.  I love that some of my kids’ teachers were our teachers too!  Not sure our son loves that (I was an honor student, he could care less what his grades are) but hey, it’s all good 😉

6)Morning drink stop and happy hour at Sonic!  We just got a new Sonic in our little town in May, and it’s awesome!  My favorite – watermelon with nerds slush!!!  Kid at heart?

7)Going thrifting.  Nothing like a trip to Denver where I can choose from lots of Goodwill stores and my newer favorite, Unique Thrift Store!  It’s almost like a game to see what awesome outfits you can put together for a few bucks.  Even more thrilling when I can get the kids set with school clothes – many still with tags on them from Unique – for under $100 each (except shoes, my kids have big feet – not many used size 13s for men and 11.5 for women that’s acceptable for preteen and teen).

8)Not a surprise after #7, I really really really like old doors (you know the 5 paneled type), old windows, and well, mostly anything old enough.  Old homes with original hardwood floors, wood trim.  Old tin ceilings.  Anything chippy, with years of character and my heart beats a little faster.

9)New babies.  Some friends of ours just had a new baby girl a couple weeks ago.  I had to keep myself from walking to the hospital all the time (I can see the hospital from my back door – 1/2 block away).  Pretty sure mom wondered if I was going to give her back 😉  Their smell, their fusses, the noises and squeaks they make when they sleep.  *sigh*   Also makes me heart ache a tad, but that’s another story for another day.

10)July 4th.  And not just because it’s coming up this week.  We live just a few blocks from where they shoot the big show from, so we gather friends and family and set up lawn chairs in our front yard to watch.  We usually have some yummy goodies too – homemade ice cream, coconut cream pie, and chocolate cream pie to name a few 😉  It’s nice to watch the show, listen to the kids ooh and aah, visit with my parents, and enjoy the freedom that we’re celebrating!

11)Sharing my conversion story.  Especially my cradle friends love to hear about how the Holy Spirit guided me into the truths.  And how some of the things I’ve believed all along were stepping stones to completely line up with the Church.

12)And others’ conversion stories too!  Watching the Journey Home gets me all sorts of excited again!!

13)Getting random text pics from my sister-in-law of my nephews 🙂


14)New opportunities.  Some friends of ours that moved a couple years ago have asked me to be their “property manager” for the house they still own here.  Always fun to learn something new (and contribute tangibly to the budget)!

15)Silence.  I’m talking like no fans running, no dishwasher going, nothing.  A VERY rare occurrence here, but it makes me happy when it does happen!

16)The smell of clothes dried on the line.  Not sure if it really does smell that awesome or if it’s just because it reminds me of the cardboard-like towels we had to dry off with when we spent summers at my grandparents.  Either way!

17)Football!!!  Ok, not so much NFL, but I LOVE watching our son play football!  Yes, I’m THAT mom – the one that paces, the one that can’t sit down, the one that cheers so much she nearly looses her voice.  Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader!

18)When said son’s neurologist says let’s wean off of another med!  Peyton had a 4 month, still unexplained, 8-9 out of 10 on the pain scale, divinely healed “headache” that cut his football season short last year and consumed our holidays.  I’ll write on that another time, but it makes me super happy to see his med list dwindle!

19)All of my cyber sisters.  It always amazes me the relationships that can be developed and nurtured through the internet!  Love you all!!!

20)When God sends me to minister to someone.  We spent a lot of time at Children’s Hospital through Peyton’s ordeal.  We got to visit, love on, and minister to people that were in a lot worse situations that us.  Getting to spread His love is something I never tire of 🙂

So there ya have it folks!  My list of 20 things that makes me happy!

I’m passing the torch and tagging Jaime @ The Fruitful Mama!


4 thoughts on “20 Things That Make Me Happy!!!

  1. Oh my! That picture. What a sweetie. I loves me a clean kitchen too but don’t like doing it. That makes me not happy. But your sunsets? If I had them, that would be each item on my happy list. Imagine?? Xoxo



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